The New Business Way – Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices with the flexibility to have access to an office or conference rooms all over the world at a pace that work well for you and your business, have become increasingly popular. A new way of doing business for Entrepreneurs and growing business.  In this article, you will learn more about our favorite virtual office options. 

Alliance Virtual Offices

Best For Flexibility & Price

The value offered by Alliance is hard to beat and they make it simple to change your plan on the fly. The platform offers a comprehensive dashboard to control your account online, remove services, check invoices, and even select a new location in one day.

The standard plan includes: 

  • Premium business address
  • Mail handling and mail forwarding services
  • Friendly customer support
  • Live receptionist
  • Local or toll-free number
  • Over 1,100 locations in 40 countries
  • Low-risk pricing
  • Private offices and hot desks

Alliance offers pricing based on location. That’s no different than other companies, but what you get starting at $49/month is phenomenal. For exact pricing, type in your city on the website and you’ll get the monthly rate for available locations.
Learn more about Alliance Offices or get started today.

Davinci Virtual Offices 

Best For International 

With over 1,500 locations in over 50 countries, you can manufacture the image you want for your business, from anywhere you want in the world. Davinci Virtual location supplies presentation tools, live answering services, and conference rooms so doing business is uniform no matter the location. The attractive office spaces will make claims on your behalf your clients and prospects will confirm with new deals.

Being a client presents you with a wide variety of features beyond a professional business address:

  • Mail receipt and forwarding
  • High-speed internet
  • Lobby directory listing
  • Day offices
  • Lobby greeter
  • Business support center
  • Catering
  • Registered agent and license hanging
  • Live web chat 
  • Live and auto receptionists 

With Davinci Virtual, you have an exquisite place to conduct interviews, hold business meetings, or use for training employees, all at a price you’d find on a clearance rack at Macy’s.

Davinci’s pricing starts at as low as $49 per month. Charges are based on location, like most virtual office providers. Also, with Davinci there is no month-to-month service; you are required to sign a six-month contract. 

With 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 1,000 reviews, Davinci Virtual proves responsive to concerns of customers with a staff that’s solution driven, in addition to providing high-end furnished office spaces around the world and other innovative services.

Opus Virtual Offices 

Best For Online Only  

provides basic office solutions at an attainable price. They have over 500 locations in North America, making them accessible to business owners in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Opus’s services are simple, straightforward, and great for new business owners setting up their first virtual office. Their basic services package includes full mail and phone services plus a live receptionist during business hours.

The best part? All of the above is included in a flat monthly fee of $99. No hidden fees, no extra costs. The only downside is Opus doesn’t offer any type of physical workspace. It’s virtual office services are truly virtual. This could be problematic for business owners who like to do things in person or require a physical location.