VPN – Virtual Private Network

Why Are VPNs Important

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is privacy software and technology tools to protects your information by masking your device’s IP address, encrypting your data and routing it through secure networks to servers in various states or even other countries. In doing so it hides your online identity and stops you from being tracked ensuring that you are able to browse the Internet securely and anonymously. A trusted way to protect your online activities and secure your online presence.  Not only will this speed up your internet by blocking all the back-end data collection, you can gain access to, movies, sports or even censored news outlets that are available in other nations but not yours. If you travel a lot, a VPN makes it easy for you to use your favorite sites and social media, even if you’re in a country where the Internet is heavily censored.

Although they sound technical, VPNs are easy to understand and use. Select a trusted VPN service with superior ability to encrypt your web traffic. VPN apps are easy to operate. Once installed, simply tap the Connect button, and a few seconds later your device is using a secure encrypted connection, keeping you safe and anonymous even on the riskiest of public Wi-Fi.

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Why Is Using A VPN Important?

 VPNs are a valuable and important part on online security and safety. VPNs have become as crucial to cybersecurity as antivirus and malware protection. With so much evolving online in the past few years it is vital that we adjust with superior security and privacy services. VPNs have several reasons why they are important beyond providing protection.  

1. Security – Stop Websites And Hackers From Tracking You And Your Data

Have you ever discussed a product on social media or in a private message, then found yourself inundated with ads about whatever you mentioned? It could be as innocent as liking a friend’s new pair of boots or discussing the latest video game. Websites are actively tracking your activity and communications, then selling that information to advertisers who target you based on your recent Internet activity. When you use a VPN, Google and other websites can’t see who you are. That means they can’t store data on your activity, searches, private messages, or anything you do online. With a VPN, annoying and intrusive ads will be a thing of the past.

2. Stop Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) From Selling Your Data

In 2017, Congress gave ISPs permission to sell the personal data of their customers. While the data is anonymized, many people are uncomfortable with the idea that the ISP they pay money to every month is making even more money by selling their private data. It’s particularly concerning because your ISP has access to everything you do online — even while browsing in incognito mode.

A VPN prevents your ISP from tracking your Internet activity. If your ISP can’t see your data, it can’t sell it to third parties who don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.

3. Improve Your Internet Speed

Quality VPNs are built with speed in mind. Some Internet Provider are known for metering or throttling their users’ bandwidth to encourage subscribers to upgrade to a faster service. When you have a VPN, you communicate directly with a remote server, so any bandwidth limits imposed by your ISP can’t affect you. Fast Internet speed is especially important if you game online, stream HD content, or download large files. 

4. Enjoy Worldwide Unrestricted Internet Access

Many countries block certain websites and online services. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, you may not always be able to access the sites you use regularly at home. A VPN provides a way around this problem by providing you with thousands of remote servers to connect to. With the click of a button, you can access the Internet as if you were physically located in any country in the world.

5. Safely Access WiFi, Send & Receive Sensitive Content

A VPN is one of the few tools that can provide secure anonymity to safely browse and transmit data online. The ability to send and receive money securely with no need to be on public wifi.  No Internet Service Provider, marketing corporations,  government, law agency, or other entity will be able to see what you’re doing. 

6. Secure Your Remote Collaboration, Office Networks & VOIP Calls

For most modern businesses, remote collaboration is essential. Whether that be between office locations or remote workers, any time data is transferred, there is risk involved. You’ve probably heard of Zoom meetings being hacked — something that wouldn’t have happened if those meetings had been protected by a VPN.

A VPN encrypts all of your communications, including emails, chat groups, VOIP Calls and virtual face-to-face meetings. A VPN will also protect the data you send to the cloud. In sum, collaborative efforts become worry-free when you conduct them over a VPN.

7. Protect Your Mobile Devices

Many people are more concerned about the security of their smartphones and other mobile devices than that of their home computers. After all, you’re subject to the security (or lack thereof) of every WiFi network you connect to. In addition, some people may have concerns about government intelligence or law enforcement agencies accessing their smartphone data.

Every VPN we recommend has user friendly apps for nearly every mobile device, keeping you protected no matter how you choose to use the Internet.

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Nord’s apps are powerful and fairly pleasant to use. You’ll get an effective kill switch, AES-256 encryption, and you’ll even get some unusual options like Onion or  Double VPN which are designed to keep you even safer when browsing the web. Another interesting feature is the Threat Protections. When it comes to streaming, NordVPN really impresses. You’ll be able to unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime and more, and while unblocking results have been changeable for every VPN in recent months, Nord continues to be a safe bet.

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